Lövely Interviews - Midipixel on Warlock's Tower

In Lövely Interviews, I interview developers of LÖVE and LÖVE games. Today the LÖVE game Warlock's Tower by Midipixel was released on Steam. I interviewed Ygor and Werther from Midipixel on the development of Steam's newest LÖVE game.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?
We're Werther and Ygor, two guys in their thirties, a musician/artist and a programmer, respectively. With our powers combined we make Midipixel, a Brazilian indie game company now existing for three years in a row. We make indie games, obviously, although we've done client work in the past. We participate in game jams as well (GBJam is our favorite) and the occasional experiment here and there. We're also part of a Rio de Janeiro collective of indie game developers called RING.
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