Lövely Code #01 - Ternary Operations

Hello world, err, lövers! My name is Dale James and I'm writing to introduce you to one of my favourite things you can do in Lua, which is called a Ternary Operation.

First-class Functions

This is part one of a two-part blog post on taking advantage of first-class functions in Lua. Part one explains the inner workings of first-class functions from both a generic computer science perspective, and how you implement that within Lua. Part two puts all the theory together to create a lean version of an Entity Manager.

Scope within Lua

Far too often, while opening up a LÖVE file that someone posts on the forums, I see the telltale signs of someone who does not understand the concept of scope. In their player.lua file, they will be referring directly to some variables inside their wall.lua file, which itself refers directly to some tables within the main.lua file.

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