LÖVE 1.0 "Moar Bacon" Released

LÖVE 1.0 "Moar Bacon" Released

The dev team, after months of secrecy, are proud to announce the newest release of LÖVE; "Moar Bacon". Here are some quotes that were recorded from #love-supersecretclub;

<Bartbes> I've been working day and night on this release, and it was totally worth dropping out of school to meet this deadline. I just love everyone that much!
<Slime> I am disappointed with everyone so far. I have been popping caffeine pills for the last two months, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet this deadline. In my free time, I've been preparing for love 0.9.0 as well.
<VRLD> I have decided to approach the 1.0 release like Grand Theft Auto. If I can kill everyone and get away with it, I know I will have won.
<Bmelts> ...
<Rude> My hands are bleeding! I can't take it any more! This is the end!

Some new features that are available to you right now!

  • Full sandboxing including mice and keyboard usage.
  • Complete 3D rendering.
  • Full iOS integration.
  • Renaming love.graphics to love.stuff to improve clarity.
  • Added --obfusicate flag to get rid of those pesky hackers!
  • Added full HTML rendering
  • Added in-game internet browser, Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Automatic facebook and twitter integration.
  • Updating the Lua 5.1 interpreter with PHP 5.4.13
  • Every single module available within the luarocks community.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MSSQL.
  • Removed the illusive love.setColor
  • SVN, CVS and Mercurial integration.
  • All cute characters have now been replaced by occult lovecraftian artwork.
  • Three new networking libraries.
  • Moar bacon.
  • Apple Newton branch.
  • All that crappy 2D stuff has been removed.
  • Adding the Qt GUI framework.
  • love.filesystem now can use ImageData instead of file locations.
  • New exciting proprietary license.
  • Dropping support for crappy OS's like linux.
  • Added linux man page.

And to top things off, the developers have gone through the issue tracker, and added every single feature requested!

Get the source code now!: https://bitbucket.org/rude/love3d


Upcoming changes that the love community administration has informed me about;


Robin's picture

I'm especially glad love.graphics has been renamed to love.stuff. Not so much for the improved clarity, but moreso for the 3 characters it shaves off the name. Much less typing.

Karai17's picture

Finally, love is upgrading to 3D to play with the big boys! Rpelacing lua with php is a huge improvement, too. Goodbye metatables, echo 'hello world!';

MarekkPie's picture

I'll be looking forward to LOVE 1.1: The House of R'lyeh

substitute541's picture

First glance, I thought it was an April Fools joke.... and it was! Nice joke! I was fooled before I rechecked the wiki and forum.

Roland_Y's picture

Couldn't stop laughing since I saw the "full HTML rendering feature"... ö

LuaWeaver's picture

"All cute characters have now been replaced by occult lovecraftian artwork." D: