In the making - have a look at running LÖVE projects

I asked on Twitter "Are you making a game with LÖVE? Show us what you're making!"

And these are the replies I got:

Wanderer by @wanderer_game

A 2D adventure game blending cinematic platformer and RPG, and LÖVE is perfect for it!

When asked why LÖVE is so perfect for it, the developer responded

Lua power and flexibility + great documented API + multi platform + warm community = development going very fast!

Wanderer had both a succesful Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campain! 

​You can check out their devlog here.


ZombieGame by @Jeffrey_W23

I'm building a game called ZombieGame (I'm told I'm good with names).



DOS by @Ulydev

A psychedelic rhythm runner


"An ASCII XCOM-Like game" by @rm_code

Still very early WIP though


"A game about cats and stuff" by @enemyspeak


"A game where you're walking around in the dark" by  @foodshipnine

And there are some trees i guess. and a buggy map editor!


Traveler by @Sheepolution (me!)

A game where you fly through space, meeting and fighting interesting creatures

Really cool games! But surely there's more out there, right? If you're making a game, send a tweet to @obey_love or place it in the comments here, and I'll include your game the next time I'll make one of these. Whenever that is.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lövely day!